Runner's Muse


Runner's Muse was written and recorded in Glen Ellyn, IL in early 2005 and a reasonable mix was finished by June 2005.

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Runner's Muse

Summoning the still sleeping energies from their reservoirs

The runner wakes and prepares

The air is cool

Armies of heavy clouds rumble across the sky

Hitting the road, almost immediately in high gear

The blood starts pumping

Oxygen pulses throughout the system

As the brain starts churning, the path starts to turn


Arches of trees become tunnels that rise and open

Into aisles of stone cathedrals ringing with ancient sound

Paths rise out of the earth to become bridges

Rivers of highways intertwine below

Stone into steel

Racing the trains

Leading to the next tableaux

Pace, the constant over which rhythms play


Seemingly motionless figures stand along the path

Casually glancing over

Some genial

Others genius

Some indifferent and uncaring

Some from the distant past

While others are yet to be met

All of whom are familiar


And when it is over

Deceleration brings well being

Completion brings peace

Joe Hasiewicz

July 10, 2005


Michael Kent Smith Guitar
John Tharnstrom Drums
Rolfe Hokanson Bass Guitar
Joe Hasiewicz Keyboard