Buchanan In Motion

The 2006 Version  

‘Buchanan In Motion’ was originally conceived in 1995 as a one and a half minute theme and then in 1996,  'Buchanan' extended into a three minute piece - even then 'Buchanan' did not seem to have achieved optimum length. Anyway, ‘Buchanan’ remained that way until late 2004.


Then, while recording some newer pieces, Rolfe’s suggestion prompted me to resurrect ‘Buchanan’ and extend him further (which is something I always wanted to do anyway) and arrange it for the group that was currently working with me.


The 2006 version of ‘Buchanan In Motion’ did not come about immediately. We recorded several versions before arriving at the current one. Although I had further plans for Mr Buchanan and before I called it finished, the preliminary 2006 version that I had posted here (on my site) as well as on MySpace.com was played on a Dutch public radio show called ‘Jazz, World and Beyond…’ hosted by Co de Kloet.


So I am calling this version done - at least for now.


Joe Hasiewicz

October 23, 2006


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Rolfe Hokanson Bass Guitar
Michael Kent Smith Guitar
John Tharnstrom Drums
Joe Hasiewicz Piano, Synth, Keyboard Vibe